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7 New Workouts to Try

Some of the best workouts that I’ve ever done are nicknamed “Girl” workouts in the CrossFit world. Workouts like “Fran”, “Karen”, and “Elizabeth” may sound

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The key to health is consistency. How consistent have you been in February with your sleep schedule? How consistent have you been in February with

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Client-Coach Fit

An athlete was asking me questions the other day about the relationships between clients and their trainer. Two of the questions were, “Why do some

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Behind the Scenes

I was asked recently, “What goes on behind the scenes after you meet with a client?” This individual was curious about the work involved when

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The Rope Climb

Over the past month, I’ve written to you step-by-step progressions for a large variety of movements. I started with the air squat and overhead squat

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Metcon Mania: WOD 4

The fourth and final workout for Metcon Mania is a 12-minute AMRAP. Time Domain: 10-15 Minutes Scheme: Chipper Priority: AMRAP Modality: Gymnastic-Only Volume: 200+ reps

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Metcon Mania: WOD 3

Metcon Mania is a bodyweight and cardio-only fitness competition happening on April 10th. You can register for the event here. WOD 3 Time Domain: 5-10

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Metcon Mania: WOD 2

In two months, Metcon Mania will be here! A competition for the lover-of-metcons who struggle to lift Rx weights. Or, if you do like to

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Metcon Mania: WOD 1

On April 10th, we are hosting a fitness competition for athletes that love bodyweight metcons. No barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells will be used. Just you

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