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What’s In A Gym Bag, Anyway?

As you begin to be consistent over a period of a few months, you will begin to acquire and accumulate gear. Things like knee sleeves, a weightlifting belt, jump ropes, gymnastic grips, wrist wraps, and even different pairs of shoes. Those listed above are usually

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RxFIT: The Past and The Future

There are mornings when I wake up from such little sleep that putting my contacts in sting my eyes like acid. I usually work in darkness because the light hurts. Today is one of those mornings. But the stress I feel is exciting. I love

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How to Double-Under a Drag Rope

In double-under jump rope workouts, sometimes your shoulders don’t cooperate… If that’s the case for you, try a drag rope technique. It may help!

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Scoring Your Workouts (Pocket Timer)

Objective progress must be measured numerically. Often times, you will use the scale in order to determine the effectiveness of your current health program. But at RxFIT, we care less about how much you weigh and more about what you can do with that weight.

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How Workouts Are Programmed

Health is nothing more than your fitness perpetuated across your lifetime. Which is why we love data–especially performance data. It’s a snapshot today of the health of our community. For example, we use both your objective data (the scores you enter into Chalk It Pro)

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An Introduction to the Level Map

The level map helps us plot your fitness. It also helps us set specific goals and make plans toward your pursuit of getting fitter. On the left-hand side, we have 15 benchmark assessments. These assessments range across time domains (i.e. how long is the workout?),

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Last Call

I’ve been talking about my “Fitness Secrets” this week, and how you can get my course for free… But if you want to get a coach who will hold you accountable to the program, then I need to know TODAY… Yes, if you read this

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The Hidden Benefits to Being Fit

When I first became a coach, I was concerned because I had one credential and no degree… I just knew that my workouts and nutrition plans made people lose weight, get strong, and feel confident; so I naturally wanted to share it. But what caught

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Fitness Secrets

I had class at 8:00 a.m., so I couldn’t go and check if I made the football team until 9:00 a.m. I spent the whole class going back and forth in my thoughts: should I go and check the roster? The bell rang and I

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The Day My Training Failed Me

“What the heck just happened?” I asked myself. I was on my stomach with my face in the grass. I had just gotten turned around in a football drill and ended up tripping over my feet. The running back had caught the ball and was

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