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Muscle-Up Program

Week 1, Day 1 Ring Pull-Ups (4 x Max Effort)-Rest 1:00 between sets-Scaling: If you can’t get your thumbs to your armpits, do leg-assisted ring pull-ups instead. These are not ring rows, you should be as perpendicular to the ground as possible. Strict Ring Dips

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The Dowel Effect

In the world of gymnastics, young athletes begin wearing grips when they start performing routines on the bar and rings. They generally start with palm grips, which are designed to simply create another layer before your skin. But when they begin to perform more advanced

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When Should I Use A Weightlifting Belt?

Every once in a while I’ll come across an article so well written, I’ll just copy and paste it here to the blog. This one written by Matt Bliss, writer and strength coach for, is about when to use (and not to use) a

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Just Do It

When you don’t want to wake up early, just do it. When you don’t want to eat healthy, just do it. When you have 100 excuses not to go to the gym, just do it. Some days will be harder than other days. But just

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7 New Workouts to Try

Some of the best workouts that I’ve ever done are nicknamed “Girl” workouts in the CrossFit world. Workouts like “Fran”, “Karen”, and “Elizabeth” may sound familiar to you. Sadly, in the past 10 years CrossFit HQ hasn’t released any additional Girl workouts… until recently. Generally,

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Consistency Streak Explained

Yesterday I invited you to join me in creating a 31-Day streak doing five things everyday during the month of March: Wake up at the same time every day. Finish eating at the same time every night. Work out for 30+ minutes. Don’t look at

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The key to health is consistency. How consistent have you been in February with your sleep schedule? How consistent have you been in February with your diet? What about your exercise? How many days in-a-row have you stuck to a morning routine and worked on

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Client-Coach Fit

An athlete was asking me questions the other day about the relationships between clients and their trainer. Two of the questions were, “Why do some trainers fit older clients better?” and, “How does a nutritionist connect with and help a weight-loss client?” I believe the

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Behind the Scenes

I was asked recently, “What goes on behind the scenes after you meet with a client?” This individual was curious about the work involved when a trainer isn’t face-to-face with her trainee. As a gym owner and trainer over the years, I’ve seen that the

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The Rope Climb

Over the past month, I’ve written to you step-by-step progressions for a large variety of movements. I started with the air squat and overhead squat and later talked in depth about the snatch and clean & jerk. Today I’ll wrap up this series by talking

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