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Metcon Mania: WOD 3

Metcon Mania is a bodyweight and cardio-only fitness competition happening on April 10th. You can register for the event here. WOD 3 Time Domain: 5-10 Minutes Scheme: Couplet Priority: For Time Modality: MG Volume: 50-200 reps When writing the workouts for Metcon Mania, I knew

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Metcon Mania: WOD 2

In two months, Metcon Mania will be here! A competition for the lover-of-metcons who struggle to lift Rx weights. Or, if you do like to lift weights, but want to change things up, this bodyweight/cardio competition will be a good challenge for you. Registration is

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Metcon Mania: WOD 1

On April 10th, we are hosting a fitness competition for athletes that love bodyweight metcons. No barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells will be used. Just you and the machines. This style of competition has been on our minds for years now at RxFIT. After running a

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The Muscle-Up

Within the world of crossfit and functional fitness, the muscle-up is considered to be the crown jewel of gymnastics. Pulling your body from a hanging position below the rings or bar, to the top of that apparatus demonstrates a tremendous amount of strength. For starters,

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The Handstand

The handstand is the foundation for all of gymnastics. Being able to stand inverted on your hands in a vertical position is an amazing test of fitness and relative body strength. Perhaps the most important piece to learning the handstand is building confidence. Confidence is

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“Advanced” Gymnastics

Most people wake up in the mornings to a reflection in the mirror that lacks confidence. This insecurity leads to poor habits that manifest themselves in your relationships, your work, and your happiness. At RxFIT, we hold you accountable to developing healthy habits–habits like working

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The Sit-Up

If you woke up every morning to Tony Horton’s “Ab-Ripper X” DVD, you’re probably not going to get the “abs” you want. Because here’s the truth: everyone has abs. You don’t “get” them by doing crunches and sit-ups. That’s like an obese individual saying she

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The Pull-Up

Generally, the biggest goal individuals have in relation to performance is getting their first pull-up. A pull-up consists of hanging from a bar with your knuckles facing your body. Then, pulling the weight of your body off the floor to the point where your chin

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The Push-Up

In elementary school, the competition of strength is: “How many push-ups can you do?” But in high school, the competition shifts to: “How much you bench?” I’m not sure why, but as athletes get older they begin to phase out bodyweight movements and phase in

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The Basics of Gymnastics

At RxFIT, we refer to any bodyweight movement as a gymnastic movement. Although we have chosen to use this word ourselves, it can be quite limiting. We want to practice and train movements found in many sports outside of just competitive gymnastics. Climbing, yoga, calisthenics,

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