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At-Home “Core” Workouts

Within the coaching space of functional fitness, there are no peers to Dave Durante. A 2004 Olympic gymnast, Durante owns PowerMonkey Fitness where he coaches bodyweight fitness to thousands of athletes around the world. During COVID-19, he put out a few core videos to try

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T-Spine Mobility

Being able to flex and extend the spine in the middle-back is vital for proper overhead positions. Without it, your low back breaks at the midline causing you to lose your bracing. Therefore, a proper brace in the overhead lifts requires a mobile spine. Wall

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1/2 Marathon, Spartan, and Ragnar Training Plans

A good training plan is tailored to you. Below you will find three different plans for running your next half-marathon. I’ve admittedly only ran one half marathon and one full marathon in my life. So instead of writing a plan for something I have little

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Tension Headaches: When Overhead Movements Cause Migraines

You have two groups of muscles in your neck: large postural muscles and small motor muscles. When the small motor muscles are under increased stress, they begin to assist the large postural muscles. And when this happens, you’ll begin to experience extremely painful headaches at

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Dr. Andrew Beckstrand is a doctor of physical therapy. The stretches he shows in this video below are great for anyone dealing with sciatic nerve pain. However, if the pain continues, it would be best to figure out where exactly the pain is coming from.

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Bodyweight Workouts

Whether you’re going on vacation, work is getting super busy, the kids are sick at home, or you just want to do your own workout from home today… I got you covered. Below are 150 workouts that you can do with little to no equipment.

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Are Deep Squats Bad For Your Knees?

We get this question all of the time: Aren’t deep squats bad for the knees? Today we are squatting heavy with a 5×3 rep scheme and then we go right into Cindy – which will have an additional 150+ reps. Below is an excerpt from

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