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The Snatch

The snatch and clean and jerk are the two lifts in the olympic sport called weightlifting. Both consists of lifting a load from the ground to overhead, but the snatch does it in one smooth motion (the C&J stops temporarily at the shoulders). This functional

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Clean & Jerk

The clean and jerk (C&J) is one of the two weightlifting events tested at the Summer Olympics every four years. It begins with bringing the barbell off the ground and to the shoulders in a clean. It then is pressed from the shoulders to overhead

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Workout Glossary

Our workouts at RxFIT are filled with TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) and plenty of confusing terms that seem to blend together, sound the same, or just cause a blank look when reading the WOD. Here’s a guide to the most common: AMRAP: As Many Rounds (or

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The Thruster

The thruster is a compound movement that combines the front squat with the push press. While the mechanics of both of these movements apply to the thruster, there are two faults unique to this movement that you wouldn’t otherwise see in the front squat or

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Worst Day Ever?

Today was the absolute worst day ever And don’t try to convince me that There’s something good in every day Because, when you take a closer look, This world is a pretty evil place. Even if Some goodness does shine through once in a while

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Choosing to Be Confused

If you were a different person, looking at your life from the outside, what would be the obvious right action to take? The answer to that question provides clarity. I once was debating about an action that I needed to take. I discussed the problem

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The Medicine Ball Clean

After learning the mechanics of the deadlift and sumo deadlift high pull (SDHP), you are ready to be introduced to the olympic lifts: the clean and snatch. To start learning these fast and powerful lifts, our coaching staff always starts with a light medicine ball.

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The Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The sumo deadlift high pull is an underrated functional movement. Not only does it teach and improve the mechanics of the conventional deadlift, but it also teaches proper movement patterns for the olympic lifts. We program this movement at least twice a month for our

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The Deadlift

Originally named the “health lift”, the deadlift is the foundation for all pulling lifts. The moment you are incapable of picking something up off of the ground with a neutral spine is the moment your quality of life begins to deteriorate. Don’t let this happen

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The Push Jerk

Step 3 of the press series is the push jerk. Building on the mechanics of the shoulder press and push press, the push jerk adds in one more component that I haven’t mentioned yet: the re-dip. Dip-Drive-Dip Frames 1-3 above show the same mechanics of

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