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Massage Guns Under $50

Three years ago, I bought a sawzall and a rubber ball to make my own massage gun. In total, it cost me $90–which was a bargain because the only other available massage guns on the market were well over $600. Nowadays, they abound in stores

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Overhead Squat Therapy

“Squat therapy” includes inching your feet closer and closer to the wall without your hands touching the wall when they are over your head. I wrote about it last month here. But what do you do when your squat is fine but your overhead squat

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Sots Press

Yesterday I wrote about overhead squat mobility. An awesome exercise to assess how good your overhead mobility is is the “sots press”. The Sots press was an exercise of Viktor Sots, the 1981 world champion who used a power jerk rather than the split jerk.

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Rowing: The Setup, Damper, and Stroke

There are effective and less effective techniques. For example, an olympic gymnast will walk on their hands differently than a professional crossfitter will. Technique not only ensures safety but also improves efficiency. And make no mistake, the rower is no exception. In today’s video, I

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Flexibility Test

In a couple weeks, we will be adopting a leveling method in order to better help you reach your goals. In total, there are 15 tests–flexibility being one of them. And the big milestone with flexibility will be your ability to hold the bottom of

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Bright Spot Friday

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” -James Clear Your habits are the “systems” in your life. And at RxFIT, we have a few different systems that we practice daily, weekly, and monthly. “Bright Spots

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RxFIT Level Method

Fitness is elusive for most. It’s hard to quantify. You can use an In-Body scanner to determine your body composition… but what about your fitness composition? We’ve partnered with The Level Method to better help you know what to do and how to do what

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