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The Push Press

The push press is step 2 of the press series. It builds on the same upper body mechanics of the shoulder press, while adding lower-body mechanics prior to the press. Because the set-up and finish is the same as the shoulder press, I’ll only discuss

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The Shoulder Press

Commonly known as the “strict press”, the shoulder press is the foundation for every other overhead movement. The mechanics of a neutral spine, straight bar-path, and a stable overhead position are the key elements. Learning the set-up, execution, and finish of this lift precedes the

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The Overhead Squat

The overhead squat builds on the mechanics found in the air squat. Only this time, the load (generally a barbell) is kept above the head, balancing at the center of mass. The overhead squat is amazing at developing core stability. It also has no peer

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The Front Squat

All points of performance, common faults, and movement corrections of The Air Squat also apply to the front squat. The only difference between the two is a loaded barbell in the front-rack position. An excellent test of core strength, the front squat will tax just

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The Air Squat

Squatting is the foundational movement in all of athletic performance. In almost every situation, he or she who can extend their hips with the most power will be able to run faster, move quicker, jump higher, and be stronger than anyone else. Athletic training should

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Diastasis Recti

For every 1,000 women in Utah, 77 of them will give birth to a baby this year. Once unheard of years ago, “diastasis recti” is a legitimate concern for many birthing mothers. Diastasis recti is the normal and natural separation of the abs during pregnancy.

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Nowadays, it’s rare for me to wake up and not feel at least a little sore somewhere. Exercise has not only become a fun thing for me to do with my friends every day, but a big stress reliever. I can’t remember the last time

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Convenience vs. Consistency

“Do something with little effort or difficulty.” That’s the definition of convenience. And nowadays, marketers in the fitness space are selling convenience as if this was going to help you reach your goals. Can you imagine a coach telling you, “This year we’re going to

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Hip Function: Medial Muscles

The five medial hip muscles are in the middle of the pelvis. Their primary function is to adduct the leg (move the leg close to the body). Pectineus This is the most anterior of the adductors of the femur. It is primarily an adductor, but

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Hip Function: Lateral Muscles

Today I’m addressing three hip muscles that contribute to hip abduction (moving the leg away from the body). These lateral muscles overlap each other as they course over the hip joint and attach to the femur. Gluteus Medius When walking and running, the gluteus medius

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