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Hip Function: Lateral Muscles

Today I’m addressing three hip muscles that contribute to hip abduction (moving the leg away from the body). These lateral muscles overlap each other as they course over the hip joint and attach to the femur. Gluteus Medius When walking and running, the gluteus medius

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Hip Function: Posterior Muscles

Yesterday I wrote about the hip muscles on the front of the body (anterior muscles). Today, I’m going to introduce the hip muscles on the back of the body (posterior muscles). The superficial muscles (close to the skin) are large and powerful. The deep muscles

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Hip Function: Anterior Muscles

The hips are arguably the most important joint to develop, as they play an integral role in daily life, exercise, and physical performance. For example, the extension of the hip can move thousands of pounds, propel the body up and over obstacles, and move the

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Knee Function: Four Bones, Two Directions

The knee is comprised of four bones: femur, patella, tibia, and fibula. Unlike your wrist and shoulder, the knee joint can only move in two directions: flexion and extension. As you address knee pain, it is important to recognize that flexion and extension of the knee rarely

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Knee Function: Posterior Muscles

This week I’m writing about the anatomy and function of the knee. Today I’m writing about the posterior knee muscles. There are more posterior muscles in the knee than in the anterior. Four muscles cross the hip and knee, while two cross the knee and

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Knee Function: Anterior Muscles

This week I’m writing about the function of the knee. Today, I’m going to address the anterior muscles. These muscles are strong, and their orientation to the joint enables large movements with just a small muscle contraction. These large muscle masses combine with a lever

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Intro to Anatomy

Your knee hurts when you do physical activity. Not all the time, but sometimes it’s so painful when you get home from a workout that it ruins the rest of your day. Pain is not a prerequisite to gains. There’s a right way to achieve

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Wolves Dressed In Sheep Clothing

Over 2,500 individuals across the country will receive this email this morning. That list grows every day. As you can imagine, I receive a lot of emails in response throughout the week. I read and respond to every one. On Wednesday, an athlete living in

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New Year: Data

On Wednesday, I wrote about health being a game of consistency. This consistency is a quantity metric measured by # of workouts/month. I shared with you three best practices from our most consistent athletes (those athletes who average 25+ workouts every month). Yesterday, I wrote to you about the quality metric

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New Year: Progress

A “personal record” (PR) is performing better on a workout than you ever have before. This indicates progress. PR’s can include lifting more weight, finishing a workout faster, or completing more rounds/repetitions in a set time period. We track and congratulate PR’s regularly at RxFIT

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