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Karen: Stamina or Endurance?

Stamina is the ability to continue to work at a near maximum capacity. In a workout, having great stamina would allow you to hold on to big sets with minimal rest. Endurance is the ability to continue to work at a low capacity. Someone who can keep

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Professional Training

I am a fitness trainer. My practice is more than just a job; it is my passion. My clients are my top priority and their successes are my life’s work–I am a professional. On the surface, my job is to shepherd my athletes (I view

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The Key to “Super Aging”

A superager is someone older than 60 who “has a memory that functions indistinguishably from (that of) a 25-year-old.” The parts of the brain that regulate memories also contribute to emotional and physical health. Therefore, the best thing you can do to improve your emotional

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Advantages of Breathing Through Your Nose vs. Mouth

I’ve been fascinated by breathing recently, especially that of nasal breathing. The following article was taken from healthline, but I highly recommend James Nestor’s recent book, Breath. Whether it’s through your nose or through your mouth, oxygen will travel through your throat and to your

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Fitness Challenge

Every morning when I get up early to write you, I think of how I can best help you lead a healthier life. Most of the time, I go to bed knowing what I’m going to write about in the morning. But I was stumped

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Founder’s Club

By signing up early for a recurring, unlimited membership at RxFIT ($35/week), you’ll receive the following: Item Value Two FREE Half Hour Skill Sessions $70 Two Months of Weightlifting Classes $80 Free Nutrition Challenge $40 No Additional OnRamp Fee $150 Vehicle Bumper Decal $10 Numbered Founders

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Hollow, Arch, and Scales

Only have a few minutes to workout today? Give this workout a try. WOD Tabata Hollow HoldTabata Arch HoldTabata Front ScalesTabata Back Scales Tyler *Here’s a video explaining each of these movements as well as modifications for each.

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