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At-Home “Core” Workouts

Within the coaching space of functional fitness, there are no peers to Dave Durante. A 2004 Olympic gymnast, Durante owns PowerMonkey Fitness where he coaches

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T-Spine Mobility

Being able to flex and extend the spine in the middle-back is vital for proper overhead positions. Without it, your low back breaks at the

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Dr. Andrew Beckstrand is a doctor of physical therapy. The stretches he shows in this video below are great for anyone dealing with sciatic nerve

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Bodyweight Workouts

Whether you’re going on vacation, work is getting super busy, the kids are sick at home, or you just want to do your own workout

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Overhead Squat Therapy

“Squat therapy” includes inching your feet closer and closer to the wall without your hands touching the wall when they are over your head. I

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Sots Press

Yesterday I wrote about overhead squat mobility. An awesome exercise to assess how good your overhead mobility is is the “sots press”. The Sots press

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