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Go from insecure and weak to confident and strong.

Why Focus on Strength?

You want to be strong, not bulky. Our coaching and workouts will build strength without the unwanted body size.

Meet Coach Miranda

After giving birth to her third child 10-years ago, Coach "Mig" was insecure about her fitness. She found a coach that helped her become strong and confident. Fast forward a decade later and she's now that inspiration to hundreds of other people like you!

Show Up

We all start off a little unsure and insecure about our strength. Just show up four times a week and Miranda will take care of the rest!

Become Strong

Consistency will yield the results you want. No one becomes "bulky" unless they ask Miranda specifically for help with this.

Be the Inspiration to Others

We want you to be able to do anything, anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Miranda will take care of the first three, but this last step is on you to help your friends and family also become strong. With enough hard work, they'll see the difference in you and want to follow in your footsteps.


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